David Lambert Photography
The woods near our house felt infinite as a child. While lost at play I could enter into my own world. Growing up changed this place from infinite, to the size of a football field situated downriver from an oil refinery and upriver from a steel mill. These experiences inspired me to want to know more about the “natural” environment and to biology and chemistry to obtain this knowledge. The imaginative experiences led me to art to visualize these issues in hopes of bringing awareness.

Current ecological problems are global and cannot be controlled by boundaries, thus distinguishing them from the types that initially set forth wilderness protection (logging, poaching, mining, etc…). The futilities and notions of these boundaries interest me at multiple levels. From the dichotomy of what is labeled “natural” and what is artificial, to how art and science merge and divide on the examination of these issues is where my visual interests lie. Through this approach I aim not only to evoke awareness in regards to these issues, but also to constantly add to the visual vocabulary in hopes change will occur.